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Brain rejuvenation, aerobic & strength gains, longevity, and tumor prevention with C60 olive oil!

Fullerene (carbon-60, c60) was first generated in 1985. It is essentially just carbon atoms bound in a soccerball-like fashion. It can be synthetic, derived from vaporizing graphite and then extracting it from the resulting soot. It can also be found naturally – although relatively rare – in a mineraloid named Shungite.

But, the start of all this olive oil hype was a study which found that… Rats lived 90% longer on C60 olive oil and none of them developed the usual old-age tumors. C60 in olive oil also fully protects against normally lethal levels of free radical damage in the livers of rats. The correct name of this interesting substance is Lipofullerene C60 [Buckminsterfullerene]. Perhaps the most interesting part is that the research team killed the last surviving rat because they were eager to conclude the experiment and publish its incredible results.


Professor Moussa, who directed the study team, has been researching Fullerene C60 for 18 years and says that C60 is non-toxic.

There are animal studies that document brain rejuvenation in mice and the near-doubling of lifespan and the prevention of cancer and the diseases of old age in rats. There are toxicological studies that show that C60 in olive oil is safe and has an extremely effective liver-protective effect, as documented in the study where rats were poisoned to death with liver-destroying chemicals but the rats that took C60 were barely affected. In addition, the C60 preserved the extra virgin olive oil. After six years, when the experiment had been concluded, the oil still had not turned rancid.

You can easily find many in-depth publications of C60-in-Olive Oil. The following are a few older articles:



TAKE NOTE that there seems to be a concerted effort underway to spread lies and false information while burying the truth.

Since the news of the scientific experiment broke, a group of “early adopters” started to manufacture their own C60 in olive oil. If you wish to join these elite, your doubts can be comforted by the hundreds of positive experiences recorded online and the fact that the C60 is completely excreted by the body within about 100 hours.

Some important threads discussing C60 online:

The majority of experimenters reported these beneficial effects:

  • More energy
  • Less sleep needed
  • Mental inprovements
  • Can lift heavier weights
  • Can do more reps of the same weight
  • Calmer, reduction in stress/anxiety
  • Can run longer and faster with seemingly more effective utilization of Oxygen. Less fatigue. Better stamina and endurance
  • Higher libido (also seen in rat trials)
  • Faster recovery of the skin after sunburn (with topical application)
  • Faster reflexes
  • Less seasonal allergies
Long term relationship, that is, consistency, is key to any growing love story. Documenting authentic changes that a customer has realized with C60 and their body fascinates and excites me over and over again.
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