If you have purchased raw, powdered C60 from Ava Naturals, here are some basic instructions for making your own Carbon 60 in Olive Oil at home.

Carbon 60 powder sold by Ava Naturals dissolves in 4 days (under ideal lab conditions). Many other powders require 2 weeks of mixing.

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These are basic instructions. You can find many more resources online for greater detail of the process.

-Limit the exposure of Carbon 60 and oil to light, air and excess heat. This will ensure the maximum potency and shelf life of the final product.
-Avoid touching or spilling the powder as it can stain.
-Mix in a place where the equipment won’t be disturbed by children or animals.
-Avoid inhaling the powder.

What You Will Need
-1 Liter of high quality extra virgin olive oil
-1 Gram of Carbon 60 powder (some people will put much less, to make sure all the costly C60 is dissolved in the oil)
-1 Liter glass beaker
-Amber Glass bottles to store finished product
-1 Magnetic stirrer
-1 Magnetic stir bar
-Aluminum Foil to cover beaker during mixing
-Optional: Mortar & Pestle
-Filtering: Buchner funnel, 20 micron filters & vacuum pump

Directions for Mixing
-(Optional) Pour 1g of Carbon 60 powder into mortar and grind for a few minutes to break up any large clumps. This step will maximize the amount of C60 that will dissolve and speed up the time it takes to dissolve into the oil.
-Pour the C60 powder into the 1 liter beaker. If you used a mortar & pestle to grind the powder, you can pour a little olive oil into the mortar, grind, add more, and stir it with the pestle and pour it into the beaker to utilize any remaining powder in the mortar.
-Pour 1 liter of extra virgin olive oil into the beaker.
-Place the magnetic mixing bar into the beaker.
-Place the beaker on top of the magnetic stirrer.
-Turn on the magnetic stirrer and slowly increase the speed until the magnetic stir bar couples with the stirrer.
-Find the highest speed at which the stir bar remains coupled to the stirrer. If the stir bar decouples, slow the speed until it re-couples and slowly increase the speed again.
-Cover the beaker completely with the aluminum foil to prevent any light from reaching the beaker contents.
-Leave stirring for minimum 4 full days, checking occasionally to make sure the stir bar is still spinning. if you pay attention to the sound it makes, you will be able to tell if it is stirring properly without having to uncover the beaker.
-(Optional) It is preferable to let sit for at least 3 days prior to filtering.

Filtering removes any undesired large particles of C60 and other impurities that may have gotten into the mix.
-Set up the Buchner funnel and vacuum pump.
-Install the filter.
-Run the vacuum and slowly pour the C60 Olive Oil into the fop of the funnel. If the process slows down, replace the filter and continue.

For maximum shelf life and efficacy, store the finished oil in clean, dark amber glass bottles out of direct heat and light. If your olive oil came in such a bottle, you can store the oil in it.

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