Each person’s requirements are different, depending on age and health condition and sensitivity. We understand that the recommended dosage on our product labels might be slightly different than what we suggest in greater detail here.

Starting Out
We recommend starting with a teaspoon (5ml) for a week and then moving up to a tablespoon (15ml) for two weeks and then wean down to personal choice, such as 3 to 5ml. If you’ve been using it already then you probably don’t need to go up to 15ml. Make sure you take it with water and remember to increase your water intake while using it.

It may be preferable to pour the Slic60 in a glass, add some water, and drink it that way to prevent burn in the throat.

Take A Break
Many folks find it helpful to take a break for a week or two after using Slic60 for a few months. Its easy to forget the benefits as you adapt to a new normal. This can help you re-evaluate your health and make adjustments.This process of cycling is often recommended by experts as it may help to prevent your body from becoming reliant on a supplement and using it as a ‘crutch’.
Furthermore, it is recommended to take only 6 days a week.

When is the Best Time to Take Slic60?
The morning is probably the best time, as it gives you a ‘boost’ to start off your day and clears your mind.

Another dose in the afternoon can help fend off the after lunch drowsiness. Many people prefer not to take it before bed as it may be too stimulating and prevent sleep.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women

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