C60 works much better than vitamin C on immunity so it will help prevent the common cold and other infections. Those who take it regularly are less susceptible. Many studies have shown C60’s effect on viruses, including HIV.

We suggest you take a day off weekly, such as Sunday. 

Depends on a person’s health condition. Ageing may begin to affect us more noticeably around 30 years, so the age group might be 30 to 180 years. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Certainly! It has been proven to help animals just as much as humans, and there is no reason to use an “animal-grade” c60 rather than one that a human would use. Mix it in their food. Don’t forget to use it topically too! 

Suggested Daily Dosage:

  • Up to 10lb:  1ml
  • 11 to 30lb:  1.5ml
  • 31 to 50lb:  2ml
  • 51 to 80lb:  2.5ml
  • Over 81lb:  3ml


When vaporizing graphite to ultimately form C60, a combination of several different carbon molecules is formed, which are then  separated.  The closest carbon structure is C70 which ends up in the 99.9%+ powder. 

C70 is similar to C60, with the main difference being that an additional 10 carbon atoms are in a C70 molecule (it is less round). Studies indicate that it is safe, and several studies indicate that as an anti-oxidant, C70 is likely to be even more effective than C60!

Free Ship is almost always Expedited Parcel to Canada or Tracked Packet to USA. We charge extra for the next option of Xpresspost to Canada or Expedited to USA. The further away you are from British Columbia, the more likely that paying the extra shipping cost is WELL worth it. 

Other locations will show shipping cost during checkout. Note that EU member states will collect value added tax (VAT) for all goods entering the EU, ranging from 17% to 27% (depending on the EU member state). All such fees are
the responsibility of the recipient and are not included during checkout. Any duty/customs are not included during checkout.

Shelf life has not been tested. C60 and oregano oil will extend the life of the oil. Typically our oils expire in a year or more so in most cases there are no worries.

If you wish to get the olive oil expiry date, please email us with your batch number. Please store in cool (but not refrigerated), dark, dry place with cap tightly shut. Try to squeeze the air out of the bag.

We use oregano oil while pulverising the C60 powder to protect the C60 while keeping the oil fresher and offering additional health benefits to you. Oregano is a potent antioxidant and antibacterial.

Hydrogen supplements (tablets, water, apples) and Alpha-GPC. C60 can hold a tremendous amount of hydrogen, which gives it tons of extra electrons. C60 will give you more energy if you combine it with superfoods/greens. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Solubiliby of C60 varies from 0.6-1.2mg/ml according to olive oil composition and it’s moisture content. Slick60 is tested to be greater than, or equal to, 0.9mg/ml

Yes, there is a basic rewards program on our main site that is geared toward C60 products. Please sign up at AvaNaturals.Store. The Rewards Program could change at any time. 

Some people feel worse before better as C60 has detoxification benefits. So, it is possible you may start feeling a little weak and tired as you begin detoxing. Or, you may feel no change at all until you have reached the saturation levels in which most of your cells are saturated with C60. This may take a week or so depending on your medical condition. If you are very unwell, it may take a bit longer before you start feeling more energetic and cognitively sharper.

Our largest expense is raw C60 powder which is based on USD; therefore, we use US Dollars because this way the value of the Canadian dollar (vs. USD) doesn’t affect our pricing.

Yes, please contact us ( with your order details (including full shipping address & optional phone number) and we will give you instruction. 

Please contact us regarding other payment methods and we might find a way.

Unfortunately, the product might freeze in the mail. Let it thaw. Mix it around and the chunks should dissipate. This won’t adversely affect it. 

Try mix it in yogurt or porridge in the morning or simply chase it with juice, water, etc. Maybe try to put some juice/water in your mouth first and keep some in your mouth when you take your dosage of C60.  Try blend it in your Bulletproof. Or, choose C60-in-Water.

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